Professionals in the industry formerly known as advertising.

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER is the highly awarded San Francisco-based, full-service advertising agency behind some of the industry’s most talked-about creative work for clients like Netflix, HP, Amazon, Google, New Amsterdam, Zoosk, YLiving, and Golden State Warriors. We don’t usually speak so highly of ourselves, but you know… SEO is killing subtlety. When we’re just being natural, we would say we help brands

inventively connect with people, no matter what the means: TV, social, identity, strategy, technology, creative, media, digital, or any manner of sustainable brand goodness. First named “Agency to Watch” by Advertising Age, they more recently named us “Agency of the Year” for agencies under 150 people.

  • Gold Pencil, The One Show
  • Silver Pencil, The One Show
  • Cannes Lion
  • Digital Champions, SXSW
  • Best in Show, Andy Awards
  • Shortlist, D&AD
  • Silver, CLIO
  • Gold Cube, Art Directors Club
  • Best in Book, Creative Review
  • Digital Innovations, The Guardian

We have rules

  • 1 First, do no harm.
  • 2 If everyone gets out of the box, get back in.
  • 3 Make the world 0.000001 percent more beautiful with everything you do.
  • 4 Weird works when you do it right.
  • 5 Great creative and great strategy are inseparable. We have a distrust of companies that believe you can have one without the other. Weak creative is bad strategy. Weak strategy is bad creative. Sorry for ranting.
  • 6 You have a brand, like it or not. Even if it’s the nondescript guy in the corner.
  • 7 Brands can change very quickly. Incrementalism is for fraidy-cats.
  • 8 It’s a visual culture. It really is. :-)
  • 9 All those great decisions you make along the way are felt by people who don’t notice them. That’s OK.
  • 10 We believe in the clarity provided by the Oxford comma.


We are consciously re-coupling media and creative. One doesn’t come before the other. Both are involved at the earliest stages of strategic development for fully integrated, inventive approaches. We are constantly on top of emerging platforms. Follow along by subscribing to “The sunnier side of the office.”

Capabilities: Strategy, planning and buying across all channels including broadcast, digital, social, OOH, and radio. Influencer outreach, data insights, analytics, and optimization across all platforms.


When Advertising Age named us Small Agency of the Year they said we have "adapted to the always-on content world without ado.” We partner with world class production companies for high end broadcast. We line-produce in-house for fast turn-around work and lower budgets. We make things better at every step of the process.

Capabilities: Broadcast, episodic content, documentary, photography, stunts and events, editorial, radio, rapid-content, social media assets of all variety from GIFs and stills to mash-up videos and original film.


We get the whole team smart, fast. Far from the traditional chronological approach, we bring all functions of the agency together; first for the “get-smart day" where everyone is briefed on all aspects of a brand. Then comes “collision day” where every agency function comes with kick-start ideas.

Capabilities: Positioning, branding, launch strategy, comms planning, digital strategy, social strategy, UX planning, qualitative and quantitative research.


Discipline, procedure, protocol. All good things when handling money. Our crack finance team helps every department in the agency, and every brand in the agency do their best work by making sure the funds are where they should be, when they should be. It’s complicated, but they make it look easy.


Our most technologically advanced work often doesn’t seem that way to a user. Like the 10 million video views natively served through the Netflix “Spoil me” button without a hitch, across every desktop, tablet, and mobile platform in use. Developed in-house. We also partner with world-class production partners.

Capabilities: Cross-Platform Digital Strategy, Online Brand Development, User Research, Campaign & Project Management, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Website & App Design, Rapid Prototyping, Technical Development, Platform Consultation & Management, Performance Planning, Online Advertising, E-Commerce, Digital POS / Kiosks, SEO/SEM, Analytics

Account Management

A brand’s BFF. A client’s BFF. A creative’s BFF. The consumer’s BFF. Account management is here to help all parties coordinate to make something better than they could have without each other. Always a strong voice in strategy, account management keeps their head in every stage of the game.

Capabilities: Sheesh. Where do we start?


The heart of creativity is in identifying the problem. We immerse ourselves in a business problem or opportunity, then go nuts. We develop creative approaches regardless of pre-concieved notions about what the category or media is supposed to look like, and find fresh ways to influence culture and bring a brand to life more powerfully than usually thought possible.

Capabilities: Style agnostic, media agnostic, brand appropriate ideas and executions that bring brands fame and glory.

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